The Department of Fine mechanics


Who we are

The Department of Fine Mechanics is an engineering facility of the University of Leiden that supports the experimental research with a wide range of mechanical solutions. The staff at the FMD consists of 16 people. Together with the ELD we form a team that provides custom-made and cost-effective solutions that meet the highest demands.


Our standard: Non-standard solutions

Experimental research usually poses technical challenges for which standard solutions are not readily available. For us, finding a solution is our daily routine.

Our support ranges from advice to developing a complete system in close cooperation with the client. We can make devices of materials such as ceramics, metals and plastics that function under difficult conditions like vacuum and cryogenic temperature. We welcome small and large projects, from assembling a special cable to building a complete system. Sometimes, the solution will be a product that is commercially available. We help you to find the best solution commercially available. We help you to find the best solution.