Facts and Figures

The Leiden Institute of Physics is organized in three domains: Biological and Soft Matter Physics, Quantum Matter and Optics, and the Instituut-Lorentz for Theoretical Physics. Combined these domains are home to 34 principal investigators plus about 70 PhD students, 30 postdocs, and 250 bachelor and master students.


LION Statistics

Our staff members are supported by their respective secretaries and the fine-mechanics, electronics, cryogenic, and education departments which together count 60 staff.


In our teaching program there are 150 students enrolled in the bachelor and 100 students in the master program.


In addition to the budget allocated by Leiden University, our funding mainly consists of competitively acquired national and international grants. Major grants include ERC’s, FP7 cooperative projects, and projects from national funds as ‘Vernieuwingsimpuls’, ‘Zwaartekracht’ and ‘High Tech Systems & Materials’. In total, external funding amounts to about 60% of our annual turnover (17 million Euros in 2013).