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Tiny joints for reconfigurable microstructures
Leiden physicists exploit self-assembly of small particles to someday create functional structures such as micro-robots from the bottom up. Now they took an important step forward by experimentally realizing joints on the micrometer scale. Publication in Nanoscale.

Micrometer-sized robots More info

Publ. 28-04-2017 11:28
Vera wins LION Image Award 2016!
During the month October, LION organized its second annual Image Award. From the many contributions, Vera's colloidal smileys and aliens were selected for the this year's image award. Congratulations, Vera! Casper van der Wel's picture of colloids assembling on lipid vesicles More info
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Publ. 22-11-2016 11:34
New Force Measured between Proteins
Proteins organize themselves around our body cells through a self-induced force. They indent the cell membrane and thereby roll towards each other. This discovery provides new insights in processes like nutritional uptake and brain signaling, as well as in diseases More info

Publ. 13-09-2016 15:00
Vera and Casper present at the International Soft Matter Conference in Grenoble
During the ISMC, Casper will discuss his recent work on membrane-mediated interactions between colloidal particles on Tuesday, september 13 at 15:20h, in the colloids session. Vera will present her work on recycling colloidal aggregates into patchy particles on Friday, september More info

Publ. 12-09-2016 12:16
Indrani gave a talk at the ECIS conference in Rome
Indrani visited the ECIS conference and presented her latest results on how to create colloidal joints with tuneable joint stiffness. More info

Publ. 11-09-2016 13:32
Prize for the best talk awarded to Vera!
This year, the prize for the best talk during the Casimir Spring School was awarded to Vera Meester and Koen Schakenraad (Luca Giomi's group). The prize is given to PhD students that excel in explaining their research to the broad More info
Link to Casimir Research School
Publ. 28-04-2016 11:35
Talk Daniela Kraft
Talk on self-assembly and diffusion of anisotropic particles Daniela will give an invited lecture on "Self-assembly and diffusion of anisotropic particles" on Monday, March 7, during the COST workshop "Lagrangian transport: from complex flows to complex fluids" in Lecce, Italy. More info

Publ. 07-03-2016 12:05
Soft Matter Physics at physics@FOM 2016
Indrani will present her latest results on flexible colloidal molecules on Wednesday at 9:30h, room 82-83. Casper and Vera will discuss their findings during the poster session: stop by P 4.022 and P 4.027 for more information. More info

Publ. 12-01-2016 09:44
³Publication: Selective depletion interactions in rough and smooth spheres²
Depletion interactions can selectively aggregate smooth spheres in mixtures of rough and smooth spheres. Using Monte Carlo simulations and experiments, we provide a simple measurement of the interaction strength as a function of surface roughness. More info
Publ. 12-01-2016 09:16
Soft Matter Physics at CHAINS 2015:
On Wednesday, Casper will give a talk about his latest results in the session “Bio-inspired self-assembly”, 11:55-12:15h. Vera will highlight her research in a poster pitch in the same session. Indrani and Vera will present their poster during the conference. More info

Publ. 01-12-2015 11:33
Casper got a price for his poster!
Casper van der Wel got the Soft Matter price for his poster presented during the Enrico Fermi summer school ³Soft Matter Self-Assembly² in Varenna, Italy. Congratulations, Casper! More info

Publ. 16-07-2015 10:51
New article in Soft Matter: "Mickey Mouse" particles self-assemble into tubes!
Colloids consisting of one smooth and two rough spheres resembling a famous cartoon character assemble into tubular structures in the presence of depletant. The results are now published in Soft Matter. J. Wolters et al. DOI: 10.1039/C4SM02375G More info
Link to the paper
Publ. 08-01-2015 12:54